Tariff & the session

60 € for a session of about 1h30

The price may include a distant healing following the session.

For all demand of a group therapy, please contact me directly by phone or email.

Please let cancellation be done no later than 48 hours from our session.

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What can you expect from me?

Comfort, relaxation, to be listened to, gentleness, support

You will leave with tools to help emotional release, management of your thoughts and your well-being in everyday life, taking into account your family and professional environment, your eating habits, etc.


These different energetic tools give you the ability to take the right changes so you can heal your life. Start to trust and let go, to change by taking your true place in the world. Understand and accept that you know without limitations and that you are your best guide, your own master of your thoughts and what you decide to create next.


The resources that are transmitted to you:

  • deploy your personal power,
  • let go, get back to trust the divine energies that are part of you and you part of all
  • develop your abilities to appreciate yourself, to love yourself without judgments, to be self-sufficient, to  free yourself of any attachments or co-dependancy to learn how to act for your highest good - so you no longer react -
  • pay attention and correct your thoughts, your vocabulary, your environment ...


Goal : 

  • To restore energy, physical, mental, emotional and social equilibrium
  • Coordinate my work in a collaborative approach.



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D. Aubry - Reconnect to Nature and Beauty
  • The different techniques

    Together, we create the appropriate care based on the needs in the present moment. Important notice: Energetic care should not replace your medical appointments. This care is complementary and in a collaborative approach with traditional medicine (allopathic). 

  • Tariff & the session

    60 € for a session of about 1h30

  • Phobias Drawing by Ch. Barthélémy


    Anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, chronic pain, limiting beliefs, (ex: we are born to suffer, and etc…) school difficulties, teen life, bullying...

  • What is energetic healing ?

    As an emotional release technique, EFT works on the subtle energies that travel within our bodies, almost like magnetic fields. Essentially, we are traversed by micro currents.