What is energetic healing ?

As an emotional release technique, EFT works on the subtle energies that travel within our bodies, almost like magnetic fields. Essentially, we are traversed by micro currents.

We are energy because all matter is made of energy and we are matter made up of atoms, protons and electrons that vibrate together at different frequencies.

Thus, the vibration already exists in us and the latter varies according to what and how we feel.


A traumatic event, whatever its importance, creates an alarm system in our nervous system with a whole range of negative emotions associated.


Physiologically, the goal sought with the E.F.T. is to deactivate a negative emotion - vibration and thus stop the secretion of stress hormones.


Adrenaline, for example, is the hormone that is secreted when we are caught in fear, anxiety, or anxious about a performance requirement.


When we stress, our body goes into survival mode and gives itself three choices:

  • Fight
  • Escape
  • Freeze ( reaction often judged as weakness, creative judgment of guilt and shame)


This warning system is necessary for our survival in case of aggression but is destructive in the event of long-term repetition.

The rush of adrenaline feels the blood flowing from our guts and viscera and sends it into the muscles to allow us to react physically. What happens then is that the rest of our system is idling: digestive system, immune system, some brain capabilities, etc ...

When we are not in real danger, we are no longer able to distance ourselves from this feeling of stress ... and we are losing our means.


The technique can also help us create a positive vibratory mode that will allow more frequent emission of hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin or serotonin, creating feelings of serenity, fullness, inner peace.

And this by working on our thoughts, our vocabulary, our environment, our eating habits, our beliefs, our deepest aspirations, our intuition and our ability to listen to our intelligence of the heart and not that of the mind.

EFT and all its acupoints. Original drawing by artist B.R. California
Each point relate to a specific meridian
Freezing and fear

How does EFT work?

EFT is commonly known as tapping because we stimulate acupuncture points by tapping on them for a few seconds, while exposing our negative feelings.

We add a formulation of self-acceptance - whatever we choose, as long as it marks self-acceptance- Ex: I accept and honor who I am, I completely agree with myself, I love myself, I choose peace, life is beautiful, I am cool (for teens and children).


Even if you do not believe in what you say, it does not matter, it is the intention that counts and who will do the work. Work that sends a signal of appeasement to the brain indicating that you are safe. This makes it possible to neutralize the emission of cortisol.


When we react in an emotion that affects different situations, the negative emotion disintegrated by EFT will make these situations no longer a problem. Our brain puts a label and becomes conditioned to react in this emotion in any circumstances near or far from the felt experience during the triggering traumatic event.


That's why it's important to find the source event that created this trigger.

Sometimes the technique is difficult when the event is locked in the unconscious. Neuro Linguistic Programming, psychophony, shamanic care, among many other techniques, offer a great complementarity to the EFT in healing.


Any practitioner of energy techniques, regardless of the title that defines us, works to achieve the same goal:

May our life be improved by the emotional equilibrium found and we find inner peace. This newfound autonomy allows us to detach ourselves and thus opens us to an overview, the clarity of the mind, the quality of a decision taken.


"To be able to share fear and love and let love prevail over all our daily decisions"

- The infinite Power of the Heart - Baptist de Pape.




Gary Craig, an engineer, founded the EFT technique in the 1990s after being trained by Dr. Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist, founder of TFT Thought Field Therapy.

TFT is the father of EFT and many other energy methods now called "energy psychology".


EFT has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine that uses specific points of the body that are stimulated and whose purpose is to balance the general energy of a person.

Wallace D.Wattles, born in 1860 - farmer then educator, founder of the teachings of the Science of Wealth with the help of EFT: teaching that requires a total transformation of the way we think, act and exist in life , asking us to put away much of what has been taught to us since our infancy. We thus find the potential to get out of any situation with ease and achieve levels of success that exceed our ambitions.

tapping session
Vibrations and healing
Thought field and healing
  • The different techniques

    Together, we create the appropriate care based on the needs in the present moment. Important notice: Energetic care should not replace your medical appointments. This care is complementary and in a collaborative approach with traditional medicine (allopathic). 

  • Tariff & the session

    60 € for a session of about 1h30

  • Phobias Drawing by Ch. Barthélémy


    Anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, chronic pain, limiting beliefs, (ex: we are born to suffer, and etc…) school difficulties, teen life, bullying...

  • What is energetic healing ?

    As an emotional release technique, EFT works on the subtle energies that travel within our bodies, almost like magnetic fields. Essentially, we are traversed by micro currents.