Neuroscience and the human mind programing

Be aware of how your unconscious mind is in control in most of your life experiences creation. You will want a way out…Quantum neuroscientists, biologists, psychologists, geneticists, therapists…are working for us all around the world so these ways out are available.

Let’s have a look. We have two minds that work together, one is the subconscious mind, the other the conscious mind. The first one is the fast processor that can do many thousands of tasks at the same time and a million times more powerful than your conscious mind but playing back only what is being learned and programmed as a recorder would do for you, which means there is no creativity part here. the creativity workshops are on in your conscious mind where wishes and desires are. Even though it is slow at processing, it can generate free will and can control anything in our body. The thing is, most of us don’t exercise it and don’t even know about its power. Neuroscientists have demonstrated that we are using this mind only from 1 to 5%. It means our life is mostly run by our subconscious mind from 95 to 99 % for most of us.

Your subconscious mind is programmed starting in the womb about the third quarter of pregnancy and the program is emphasized the first 6 years of your life. An example : If you back then received the message you were not worthy of love, how do you think will it be reflected in your life? By Self-sabotaging your relationships! This programming will have had created a negative belief about your worth in being loved, loving and lovable and you won’t understand why you always find yourself caught in the same unhealthy pattern and you will mostly blame the universe not supporting you. Let’s say only 5% of your day is in your conscious mind, it means that 95% of your day, you will sabotage yourself to make sure you don’t love you and that no one else does…  

The thing is, the unconscious and conscious mind work together, so whatever your conscious mind focuses on it is in control and what is not focusing on, the unconscious mind is in power. That is why it is so important to understand the role of your unconscious mind:

Its job is to create reality out of your program from your learning and life experiences, more specifically what you decided to accept as truth.  As a consequence, the negative beliefs will create negative life experiences in your reality.

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Photo by S. Vangraaten on unsplash

What’s available today and that exists for decades as ways out:

The good news is, it’s possible to become aware of your programming that does not reflect what you are and what you want. It’s possible to free yourself and reset your unconscious mind so you become master of what you want and put your desires and wishes in your reality.

What’s available today and that exists for decades as ways out:

  • Energy psychology and its many different modalities are available to you such as: Holographic repatterning, Body Talk, EFT, EMDR, PSYCH-K for the ones I prefer. There are others.
  • Being conscious, living the moment as much as possible to avoid the grabbing of the past events creating projections in your future that you surely don't want.

Energy psychology offers you a way out and the possibility to push the record button and reset what is not for your highest good. It can change a belief you had in your entire life and create a state of full potential.

Refs: G. Braden, B. Lipton, Rob Williams, G. Roth, P.and J. Mountrouse, D. Church, G. Graig, G. Kuhn , E. Tolle, E. Holmes and many others, all aiming towards getting us, at last, to allow ourselves to master our life fully and freely on the creative plan, becoming part of a so wanted change in the Collective Consciousness.

I think they all deserve to be known and properly listened to at a greatest scale in all countries as it concerns each of us as individuals being inter connected and entangled with one another.

Dominique Aubry

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  • The different techniques

    Together, we create the appropriate care based on the needs in the present moment. Important notice: Energetic care should not replace your medical appointments. This care is complementary and in a collaborative approach with traditional medicine (allopathic). 

  • Tariff & the session

    60 € for a session of about 1h30

  • Phobias Drawing by Ch. Barthélémy


    Anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, chronic pain, limiting beliefs, (ex: we are born to suffer, and etc…) school difficulties, teen life, bullying...

  • What is energetic healing ?

    As an emotional release technique, EFT works on the subtle energies that travel within our bodies, almost like magnetic fields. Essentially, we are traversed by micro currents.