How do we really perceive ourselves?

What is the impact of this self-image on the creation of our life? How do you see yourself? What is the vision of the person you are? How much do you love this person? How would you describe your life?

I would love to share with you this wonderful healing tool. Imagery is powerful, see for yourself. Just a reminder, if you are not feeling well or strong enough in your current emotional state, please, ask your therapist or doctor to accompany you around this visualization.

Let’s take a moment of calm. Put your life on pause for a few minutes.

Go to a place where you can find peace, calm, sounds of nature. Close your eyes, take your time and breathe. Listen to what the nature is offering you around. May it be birds singing, the leaves chanting under the passage of the wind, this same wind caressing your skin. Be aware of your breathing and the fact that it is the air flowing in, through and out of your body that allow you to be alive on this earth. Breathing has become so natural that we forget it and don’t even know if we are breathing fully in all parts of our body.

Feel your heart beating, expanding with love so you feel it as much as feeling its vibration at this very moment, give thanks to your connection to the essential. Feel.

Open your mind, open your heart even more, feel your soul flying free, connect with the divine within you, the vibration of love and peace.

When you are ready, without effort, let your mind enter into an imagery mode. Start to visualize you in front of your eyes. Effortlessly without controlling your mind, let the image come and show up to you. Be just an observer without judgement.

Note your appearance. How are you dressed? What is your posture? Are you big, tall, or small? Where are you? Anything about your body? What about your face, your features, your expression? What about the colors of what you are wearing? Any color or texture around you?

Note all the details of what you are looking at. This will be the perception you have of yourself.

This perception if founded upon judgement or different from the reality will indicate that there is a separation between who you really are and who you think you are.

This separation if well detected represents an inside conflict that is creating blockages, limitations and even suffering.

When there is one or the other inside you, your life will reflect it at one or several levels. One extreme example would be one person not able to see herself at all. That may reflect a life of negative manifestations with all the problem linked to denying our very existence or refusing to exist (usually believing that we don’t deserve to exist).

If you know how to use E.F.T that is a great time to tap on any judgement you may have and all negative beliefs associated.

Now, think of the best of you that you would like to see there and change your image until you are satisfied. You can do this new visualization of you several times the following days. It will start a reprogramming in your brain.

Photo by Artist and dear friend Solnye Fremaul
Photo by Franck Mckenna on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

How do we perceive ourselves in this world among others ?

Now, do the experience again. This time, visualize yourself among others.

Note what is changing, if any change at all. For example, you are happy with what you have seen of yourself in this first visualization and then in this second one, you are suddenly getting smaller and smaller, in a protective posture not willing to face the others around. This will give you a pretty precise idea of blockages in the area of your relation to others.

You may discover you feel less than others or certain type of person. You may discover you are afraid of how people may think of you, how they may judge you, what you are, what you do or even not do.

Even more interesting, you may see yourself hiding from others, may be afraid of your own success.

Many things can appear here and help you unroot deep limitations due to deep negative core beliefs.

These limitations vary in color: fear of expressing yourself, fear of being judged, seen, rejected, not loved, not capable, foolish, a failure, a successful person, a leader, a creator and so on…

At the bottom of it where stand one or more negative core- beliefs, you will find what is truly affecting your life creating negative thoughts and emotions associated with all the consequences as experiences you don't want in your path.

Your life is determined by these thoughts.

Again it is may be the good time to do E.F.T or any other techniques to help you work on all blockages, limitations or negative patterns so you can start changing your thoughts with ease.

This imagery work can give you great insights which will allow you to become aware so you allow yourself to reconnect with a much more beautiful version of yourself.

Play with these imagery exercises. See yourself loving, lovable, loved, perfectly at ease in all relationships, happy to be just where you are in this world, joyful, fulfilled at all levels in life. Feel your new life unfolded in that direction now. Start in your mind and it will unfold in your reality in the future.

All is possible. What is happening next depends of your choices of thoughts.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash
Painting by Solnye Fremaul
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