A daily routine exercise including EFT points and The Wayne Cook posture

I discovered this daily routine in France quite a long time ago while practicing E.F.T for my own personal development. I am glad to share it with you. It will provide centering, alignment, calm and strength, positive energy for the day. See The Wayne Cook Posture which is named to honor Wayne Cook, a pioneering researcher of Bioenergetics force field who demonstrated the effectiveness of this technique for treating dyslexia and stuttering. There are added exercises to this daily routine. Please go to See Donna Eden demonstration on youtube. Other resources : http://blog.innersource.net/2009/07/wayne-cook-posture.html https://www.quantum-way.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Donna-Edens-Workshop.pdf


Exercise 1 -  20 secondes

  • Tap on  the collarbone point
  • Tap on thymus
  • Tap on the spleen point under the breast, level of last rib

Exercise 2 -  60 secondes

  • Do a walk exaggerating arms and legs movement so the energy can flow correctly through the body
    • Then touch the left knee with the right end
    • Then touch the right knee with the left hand

Exercise 3 - Wayne Cook posture

Sit, mix your hands and fingers together. Look at which thumb is going over the other. If left thumb over:

  • Put the left ankle on the right knee,
  • right hand on left ankle,
  • left hand over the sole of the left foot, close to toes

DEEP BREATH, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth

You can repeat changing sides


Then place the hands at chest touching the top of the fingers

DEEP BREATH, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth


With that posture, untangle inner chaos, open to better perspective, think more clearly, learn more proficiency

Exercise 4 - Traction of the crown

  • Get the top fingers of the hands on the eyebrow point
  • Then pull slowly but firmly towards the outside, sweeping the forehead and feel all tensions being released
  • Do the same now at the edge of the skull, half the fingers over the hair
  • Go like this all the way until you rach your neck, then breathe deeply and pull out your shoulders towards your chest

Exercise 5 – the zip up

  • Put your hands at pubic bone level and slowly go up to the chin point as if zipping up a jacket.
  • Then do the gesture over the mouth : “Zip it”

Exercise 6 – the Hook up

Gets Radiant Circuits moving, strengthens auric field, and leaves you feeling whole again. Calms and helps you feel connected.

  1. Place the middle finger of one hand on the “third eye” (between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose) and the middle finger of the other hand in the navel.

  2. Gently press each finger into the skin and pull it upwards. Hold for twelve to thirty seconds.

  3. You can hold it longer if you like.

  4. Often you will experience a deep sigh and/or yawn. This shows your energies have hooked up.



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